Developed tools

Kartografické nástroje vytvořené na Katedře geoinformatiky Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci.

Cartographic tools developed at the Department of Geoinformatics, Palacký University in Olomouc.

Graphic Map Load Measuring Tool

by Radek Barvíř

#python #gimp #desktop

GMLMT is a plugin for GIMP software providing quantification of graphic map load indicating visual complexity level. This tool can provide average map load value as well as show its distribution over the map canvas or whole map layout to identify overloaded areas to generalise.

Value-Scale Generator

by Radek Barvíř & Martin Holub

#python #html

The free online tool provides you with a value scale for map legends of proportional-symbol maps according to set parameters. The generated curve represents a function of phenomenon values on x-axis to respective height of map symbols on y-axis for various 2D and 1D symbols. Check also the story behind (in Czech or English).

Tactile Map Talk

by Tomáš Liczka

#java #html #android

Tactile Map Talk is an Andoid appliacation for linking mobile devices with TouchIt 3D multimedial tactile maps with auditive description of interactive map symbols.

You may also check our user manual and online configurator for preparing respective schemes for 3D-printed tactile maps.

Tactile Explore Talk

by Martin Holub & Radek Barvíř

#java #android

Tactile Explore Talk follow-up the original Tactile Map Talk Android app providing more universal platform for both tactile maps and interactive 3D building models. It features from modern architecture and a more user-friendly interface, including a schema editor for individual models.


by Michaela Vojtěchovská

#typescrip #javascript #css

Gazeplotter is an online tool for visualisation of eye‑tracking sequence charts. You may easily upload data from your eye-tracker software and the app will automatically create an interactive sequence chart (scarf plot) from eye gaze data for free.

Eye-Tracking tools

by S. Popelka, A. Brychtová, O. Štrubl et al.

#html #php #javascript

We developed multiple tools for eye-tracking data conversion & analyses. All the tools are free to use and may help you to automate and visualise the results of various eye-tracking experiments. For each of them, you may check the details and respective documentations on a separate website

Colour Schemes

by Andrea Hohnová

#html #adobe

The online tool provides a collection of both quantitative and qualitative colour schemes for a variaty of thematic categories. RGB and CMYK codes are also provided.

It has been designed within the bachelors thesis Creating color map scales by cartographic style in 2016.

Tools in development


by Benjamín Šramo

#python #jupyternotebook

The tool matches GNSS track records in GPX format to the OSM road network calculating frequencies of passages. Therefore, it can be used to process raw mobility data into a form suitable for an intensity map design.

⚠️ This is an experimental and possibly unstable tool (the web appliaction takes a long time to compile). It was developed within the diploma thesis Automation of processing GNSS track records for designing intensity maps.

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